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1. Colour Touch Screen

1. Colour Touch Screen

colour touch screen


This is the iPad of control panels. With a touch of the screen you can monitor and control the temperature in any room of your home. Want the kitchen cooler and the bedroom warmer? Just tap in your preferred temperatures. Want the air conditioning system to stay on all night in just one room and then turn on in the rest of the house at dawn? Tap away. You can program in a week不 worth of daily schedules, with up to 16 on/off instructions per day. It不 not complex and we come and show you how to do it when we install your Gen III.

The screen also gives you continuous feedback on how the system is functioning. For example, it will warn you when a room sensor battery needs replacing or the filter needs cleaning.


2. Temperature Sensor

temperature sensor

As each room has its own temperature sensor you can pick and choose precisely what temperature you want, and in which room. That不 great news if you feel the cold and your partner doesn付.


The sensors ensure your selected temperature is maintained regardless of external or internal factors like your home不 orientation to the sun, or cooking heat. The days of upstairs west-facing rooms turning into saunas in summer are over.


Master Control Unit

master control unit

Hidden away in your roof space, this box is the brains of the system. It collates the information from the touch screen and temperature sensors, and then sends messages to motors in the exact air regulators that control how much air is sent where. By constantly making tweaks to airflow it ensures your selected temperature is achieved and maintained in the most energy efficient way possible.


4. Exact Air Regulator  
exact air reculator
Every part of the Gen III air conditioning
system has been designed to give you maximum control, right down to the
dampers or air regulators.

These are housed in the ducting
and control how much air goes where.
In standard systems, there is a single damper and it hinges like a large pivot door. By contrast, our Exact Air Regulator has four
Opposed Blade Dampers that are
hinged like a series of double doors.
They can open and close in
precise increments so the system
has much greater control over airflow
and therefore temperature. The Gen III
is the only domestic system to feature this commercial grade technology.
5. The Human Component

How a system is installed can
have a huge impact on its efficiency.
To ensure your Gen III air conditioning
system isn付 compromised by
shoddy workmanship, we insist
on doing our own design and

Custom Software for Design Excellence

The first step is to design the
most efficient air conditioning
system for your home at the
best possible price. We created
our own software, Dzyne Guru,
to custom design the optimum
system for each home. It makes
its calculations based on the most
conservative engineering
standards and reduces the
potential for human error in design.

Stress-free Installation

We always do a pre-installation
inspection of your home to ensure there
are no surprises that can compromise installation.

We believe in treating you and your home
with respect. That translates into little (but important) things like arriving on time,
cleaning up as we go and disposing of packaging. When the job is finished, our site supervisor inspects the installation to make sure it meets Intelligent Life不 exacting standards.

After Sales Service

There不 no point having the most
sophisticated air-conditioning system
available if you don付 know how to use
it, so we come to your home to teach
you how to use your new Gen III and
program it to suit your lifestyle. If you
do have questions later on, we have a dedicated help line.

Toll Free no. 0800-204-462

To learn more about our installation process, click here.
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